Minecraft on Steroids

So you built you’re house, built your kingdom, and built the greatest things a Master Minecrafter could ever accomplish, but you need a little more, or maybe you just need that little boost to your frames per second. Getting the most out of Minecraft using 3D acceleration in modern day video cards, Mods, and Textures could benefit you greatly. Making your experience that much more enjoyable. 3D Acceleration also known as hardware acceleration is a feature most modern day video cards have, just look up your video card specs online to get a feel how modern your card actually is. What is it, do I have it, how do I get it? In this article you will discover exactly the answers you are looking for. Mods, you have heard of them, you have used them. With just a very few amount of minecraft mods your game experience could change drastically.

If your game just needs some filler, or a little help in the graphics department, the mods we have will give you the immersion and in depth feeling you have craved since you installed Minecraft for the first time. Texture Packs are the one resource packs most Master Minecrafters learn from the get go, nothing changes the very core of the game more than the looks themselves. At sixty four by sixty four, one twenty eight by one twenty eight, five twelve by five twelve, no matter the resolution, with a modern day graphics card you can play with any realistic and artistically appealing scenery. Minecraft with enhanced textures, Mods, and the use of your powerful graphics card to give that perfect sixty framers per second, Minecraft will not be the same, but even better than before.

High Definition for Minecraft

This is how great minecraft can look with the extra tweeks and mods installed!


3D Acceleration

What is 3D acceleration? Without 3D acceleration your computer will be rendering 3D environments straight from your CPU. No doubt CPU resources are valuable for any computer and can easily hinder performance if it is doing all the heavy work in the 3D rendering process. With 3D acceleration your video card can now handle all the rendering itself lifting the weight from your CPU. Modern day graphics card can handle the stress of rendering 3D objects because that is what they are designed for. The benefits of this switch is not having so much more stress on your CPU, giving it room to do what it needs to do and letting the graphics card do what you need it to do, so you can enjoy the game the way you want to do. This instantly gives you higher frames per second, making the game run smoothly regardless of how high your textures are, or how many mods you have installed. 3D acceleration is the core feature of modern day video cards, and is almost a necessity for modern day PC gaming.

Texture Packs

Texture packs change the entire look of each block and object in your Minecraft world. Some texture packs that make Minecraft look like a whole new game are as follows; Finlandia by Hunajameloni is a sixty four by sixty four texture pack that packs a powerful punch while still keeping your textures at a lower resolution. Tree’s and rivers have never seemed so realistic. If you want your game too not only look smooth but also also a bit realistic this pack brings both in one punch. Full of Life texture pack designed by MR_Boom3 is a step up in resolution, and still keeps your Minecraft feeling smooth and polished. With a high resolution of one twenty eight by one twenty eight shows that it can bring realistic detail and still keep that Minecraft feel without sacrificing the integrity of the original game. LB Photo Realism designed by Scuttles is an infamous texture pack and one of the highest resolution texture packs you can find on the internet. At five twelve by five twelve this texture pack is one of the most well known for its uncanny realism. Never more eye sore, these texture packs no matter what you choose all bring their beauty to your screen, giving your game a much more detailed environment.


Mods to give that extra detail, and extra fun, extra adventure! With just A few mods to mention we can turn up and increase your graphics ten fold, and give the game more life and immersion. Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders and GSLS Shaders Mod is like upgrading from an old bubble television to a new flat-screen high definition compatible powerhouse. Enhance graphics, water reflections, volumetric clouds, shadows that make you go “Oh Snap!”, all make Minecraft look over the top stunning. Millenaire by kinniken makes your world no longer a lonely island or continent with sometimes a few indigenous weird looking NPCs that make you go huh!?, and instead fills your world with complex villages human NPCs . Exploring once again in Minecraft has become an adventure. Like loading Minecraft for the first time you want to climb every mountain just to see whats on the other side. Mo’Creatures by Drzhark is exactly what the title of it says. More creatures, and lots and lots to be exact. Snakes, Elephants, Scorpions, Wyvern’s, Oh my! This mod bring the world even more to life by adding not only tons of new creatures, and items, but also allows you to tame, breed, and mount them as well. With just these few mods your game will be packed with new features, new adventures, almost a new Minecraft! If Minecraft was to ever have a sequel this would be it.


As you can see with with a modern day graphics card Minecraft can be so much more than the old thirty two by thirty two pixel worlds you and you’re projects have been hiding in this whole time. 3D Acceleration is a must if you want your CPU to kiss you good night, and higher the new bouncer GPU to do the work that he is expected to do. Your CPU doesn’t have to hate you, and with a modern day graphics card, it is possible to enjoy one of your favorite games with out the fear of constant lag, or just a disgustingly low FPS when you load all of your new texture packs and mods. Load those texture packs and change the very look of your game, see what it is l like to feel like your actually in the bioms which your world randomly generated. Bring some realism at a high resolution! All praise the great Seed. Mods Mods Mods, you don’t need a bunch to make the game new and refreshing, just a few to give it that extra touch is all. Creatures, NPC villages, and another way to graphically enhance your game and you have full immersion right at your screen. Build tell your hearts content, you are all master builders, and are capable of wonderful things, and with a few of the tools we have offered you’re world will have come to life. Master Minecrafters unite, mods, texture packs, hardware acceleration, make that powerhouse computer of your push Minecraft to its limits. High resolutions texture pack, loaded up a mod that will increase the overall graphics, another mod or two to add more life through the use of creatures and NPC’s all playing at an even and steady 60 frames per second could make the grumpiest grouch on sesame street smirk and grin with delight.